The Right Magnesium for You: Types Of Magnesium

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As the market brims with diverse magnesium supplements, Identifying a high-quality magnesium supplement, and perhaps even the finest one, requires a closer look at their unique characteristics.

Discover the secrets to choosing the ideal magnesium supplement for your well-being journey.

Understanding Magnesium Types

Explore the various types of magnesium supplements and delve into the unique benefits each offers. Dive into the world of magnesium with us to make an informed choice that aligns with your wellness goals. Discover the secrets to choosing the ideal magnesium supplement for your well-being journey.

What to look at when buying magnesium supplement

Magnesium compounds – of solubility (bioavailability) & content

In nature, magnesium is always present in bound form; depending on the chemical composition, a distinction is made between organic and inorganic compounds. Depending on which compound is present, the magnesium is sometimes better, sometimes less soluble  - a property that affects absorbability and usability. While organic magnesium compounds usually dissolve more easily, inorganic magnesium salts require a significantly acidic pH value.

Why are organic magnesium salts more soluble?

Organic magnesium compounds are also soluble in a less acidic environment, while inorganic magnesium compounds require a truly acidic pH. This only exists in a natural, healthy stomach environment. If magnesium is released from its binding in the stomach, our intestines can absorb it.

However, this does not mean that inorganic magnesium compounds are worse per se. Although they have a poorer solubility, they have a higher magnesium content. In a confined space (such as a capsule), more magnesium can be made available through these connections. Therefore, it makes sense to combine organic and inorganic compounds.

 Tip💡 Potassium improves magnesium absorption

Understanding the magnesium spectrum

Magnesium supplements are not one-size-fits-all. Our bodies respond differently to various forms of magnesium, and choosing the right one can make a significant impact on your health.

Selecting the best magnesium supplement involves understanding your unique needs and health goals. Consider factors such as digestion, sleep patterns, energy levels, cognitive function, and cardiovascular health when making your choice.

  1. Magnesium for Athletes: Boosting Muscle Function

  2. Magnesium for Pregnancy and Lactation: Ensuring Quality Nutrient Intake

  3. Magnesium for Stress & Tension: Finding Calm Amidst Challenges

  4. Magnesium for Sensitive Digestion: A Gentle Alternative

  5. Magnesium for Better Sleep: Unwinding with Magnesium Bisglycinate

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Ensure adequate magnesium level & optimal absorption for different needs

7-Salt Magnesium

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  • Magnesium malate

  • magnesium bisglycinate

  • magnesium citrate

  • magnesium oxide

  • magnesium glycerophosphate

  • magnesium gluconate

  • magnesium carbonate