Work Stress Vitamins

Premium natural preparation of vitamins to support nerve metabolism, energy and concentration in everyday working life.

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Biogena has developed fit At work Premium Gold to counteract everyday stress at work and support resilience. Fit At Work Premium Gold Included Vitamins : Combination of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and coenzyme Q10 in the active ubiquinol form for daily supplementation in times of increased stress. Magnesium supports the energy metabolism. Potassium contributes to maintaining normal blood pressure. Vitamin D contributes to a normal function of the immune system. Zinc and selenium play a role in protecting the cells from oxidative stress. The vitamins thiamine (vitamin B1), niacin, biotin and B12 support the normal function of the nervous system and the psyche. Riboflavin, folic acid and pantothenic acid help reduce fatigue.

100% Active Ingredients

At Biogena, we are committed to 100% quality with the pure substance principle. We guarantee that every one of our micronutrient preparations is pure and free of colourings, preservatives and additives. Thanks to this approach, BIOGENA preparations have a tolerability of 97% and are suitable for 95% of people.

  • Free of Colourings
  • Free of Preservatives
  • Free of Releasing Agents
  • Free of Binding Agents
  • Free of Additives

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