Stomach Problems

Abdominal pain and high blood pressure


The Story

I’ve always kind of had the feeling that my stomach can't process any meals properly, and my digestion suffers as a result. Not only did this result in cons- tant stomach problems, but I also suffered from high blood pressure. Despite my slim build and already balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, I started a diet to alleviate my health problems. Unfortunately, adjusting my diet didn’t help either, so I had to take blood pressure medication - without ever wanting to. My health situation was putting an increasing strain on me. I constantly had the feeling that my stomach was pressing on my heart and my digestion needed support.

The Journey

On recommendation, I focused on my intestinal flora and started to build it up with lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in the form of Omni Lactis 10 Caps®. The connection between the faulty colo-nisation of the intestinal flora and high blood pressure is discussed in various recent studies and shows promising results - a very exciting prospect for me. I was very open to probiotics and confident of their importance because my digestive problems had been there since I was young. In my old age I was living a healthy lifestyle, but nothing ever changed. Only a few weeks after taking Omni Lactis 10 Caps® daily, I felt a significant improvement.

The Success

Shortly after taking Omni Lactic 10 Caps®, my stomach problems disappeared completely. Above all, the feeling of impaired digestion, that my stomach could not process certain types of meals properly, subsided - I was thrilled! Now I finally had the feeling that I could process the food I was eating properly and fully utilise its nutrients. I also take magnesium and coenzyme Q10 as these substances can have a positive effect on blood pressure. I felt my blood pressure lowering and was able to stop taking my blood pressure medication. Not only could I sense my health getting suddenly much better, but I feel downright wonderful today - who would have thought it, at 85 years old.

Lifestyle Changes

Exercise promotes health, and a lack of exercise can cause the intestinal muscles in particular to slacken, which in turn has a negative effect on bowel function. Extensive walks, exercise and sport in any form activate the metabolism and stimulate bowel activity. More than 6 g of salt per day has been shown to have a negative effect on many areas of the body, including blood pressure and digestion. Make sure you don't eat more than 6 g of salt a day and try herbs instead - they add just as much flavour!

Health Management Plan

The Scientific Assessment

By Dr. Rainer Didier

An average increase in micronutrient deficiency in old age is a well-known problem. There are many ways to supply the body with sufficient nutrients even at an advanced age: bacterial cultures for the gut or plant extracts to aid digestion, magnesium and coenzyme Q10 to support the cells with high energy consumption, such as the heart muscle cells, vitamins D and C for the immune system, omega-3 fatty acids to keep the increasingly rigid blood vessels supple. A blood and stool analysis provides information about micro- nutrient status and makes it possible to detect deficiencies early on, before they manifest themselves in symptoms.

Recommended Action

  • Check-ups

  • Blood Analysis

    Premium Micronutrient Check

  • Stool Analysis

    Premium Gut Microbiome Check


  • Probiotics

    Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria

  • Prebiotics


  • Antioxidants & Enzymes

    Ubiquinol, Vitamin E

  • Emulsifiers

    Sunflower Lecithin

  • Vitamins

    Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

  • Vitamin D

    Vitamin D3

  • Oil Source

    Linseed Oil

  • Carotenoids


  • Magnesium Variants

    7 different magnesium salts dissolved in different pH